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July 16, 2020

By: Kelly Alblinger

Staff Writer

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Life has been full of gloom and doom for months now; between the pandemic and massive unemployment, 2020 has been an upsetting and confusing time across the globe. IECs have certainly felt the impact of the financial downturn, as nearly every segment of the economy touches their business in some way. There is fear that the uncertainty surrounding higher education will lead to a precipitous decline in new clients and that this temporary decrease in students could lead to the demise of their businesses.  

A July 6 article in The Washington Post perfectly demonstrates the quandary faced by students and their families. Prestigious universities, such as Princeton, plan to conduct most classes via a remote platform, with a plan to bring freshmen and juniors to campus for the fall term, followed by sophomores and seniors in the spring. Yet they are offering only a 10% reduction in the price of tuition. Harvard will bring approximately 40% of students to campus, primarily freshmen, but is making no concessions regarding tuition. Georgetown University has not yet made an announcement regarding tuition pricing but has indicated that although classes will be largely virtual, they intend to house approximately 2,000 students on or near campus, all in single rooms and with strict social distancing protocols. 

While institutions are getting creative in terms of providing the best possible education during a public health crisis, families are hesitant to pay regular tuition for virtual instruction they view as inferior to an on-campus experience. Many students are choosing to take a gap year, simply waiting to see if their college of choice will resume in-person instruction in 2021-2022. With the lack of campus tours and information events, students don’t have enough knowledge to make an informed decision about the school that is right for them and aren’t willing to take the risk. And of course, with the economic downturn, parents aren’t willing to invest in the guidance of an IEC when there is no certainty of their student attending college in the immediate future.  

 With such a wide array of obstacles, what can an IEC do to maintain current clients and onboard new ones? Consider using this time to invest in your business, discovering new ways to approach students and their families using educational presentations and on-line guides that will step them through the college application process without a major investment of your time. These are a few of the many unique features of the 360 Planner product that can help you acquire new clients, and do it all from one platform, quickly, easily, and economically. Our platform was designed by an IEC, so there is a built-in understanding of the specific requirements for this service-based business.  

360 Planner provides you with solid tools and proven strategies that will immediately help boost your bottom line, and once you begin working with us, you will truly appreciate how much the platform improves your workflow. If you are a member of a professional organization (IECA, HECA, etc.), you can run your entire business for as little as $20.00 a month if you have 15 students or less.  If you aren’t a member of an organization, it will still only cost you $25.00 a month.   You can find our pricing and details about our software and services HERE. 

Here are some of the benefits of the 360 Planner platform: 

For You: IEC Task Management, Invoice & Estimate Tool, Personalized Communication with Students, Broadcast Capability with Reminders, Team & Group Event Calendar, Team Task Management/Communication, FREE Phone Support, Free Migration of Clients 

For Your Students: Student Task Management, College Search Tool, and List Builder, Student Time Tracker, Student Calendar, Application Management to ensure you never miss a requirement or deadline 

Unique Features: 

  1. College Application Requirements for the most popular schools pre-loaded each season. Eliminate hours of searching for new or different requirements – we’ve done that work for you! 
  2. Business Development Videos – implement the strategies other IECs are using to expand their businesses and watch your bottom line grow! 
  3. College Admission Video Library – Pre-recorded short presentations by admissions officers from a diverse assortment of institutions. Select specific school videos for your students! 

Optional Resources: 

  1. Expert Essay Review 
  2. Test Prep 
  3. Financial Aid Preparation
  4. Financial Aid Appeals 
  5. White Label Presentations and Handouts

We believe that the role of the IEC is vital to college-bound students and their families, and 360 Planner is dedicated to helping you succeed. The desire for higher education hasn’t waned but world events have caused a temporary disruption in the normal course of business. The manner in which you meet this challenge determines not only your livelihood but also the course of action by the students who depend upon your knowledge and resources for guidance. Our specially priced platform, together with your knowledge and experience, can make a significant difference in the trajectory of education for the next generation. It is our sincere hope that not only are you able to ride out these most unusual circumstances but that you discover new ways to thrive in the midst of chaos. Please reach out to us at www.360Planner.com and let us know how we can be of service. 

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360 Planner is a Software Solution for IECA & HECA Members, Certified Educational Planners, Independent Educational Consultants, & College Consultant Businesses.

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