The Complete College Planning Platform for IECs

About 360 Planner for IEC’s 

Our unique Approach is helping IEC’s build successful businesses! 

360 Planner’s Story

360 Planner was built out of a strong desire to offer support to IEC’s that are working hard to build a successful business.  

Eight years after building her own college planning business, Cindy Costley (Founder, 360 Planner) recognized a strong need for IEC’s to have support in the business aspects of college planning. While those eight years were wonderful, many costly mistakes were made, especially in the first 5 years of business. Cindy states that “this is a unique industry. Finding the balance between providing services that create results and bringing in enough students to build a profitable business is not easy”. It takes a well-planned, streamlined system, and 360 Planner is simply an extension of the IECs own system, supporting them in success. 

What We Provide

  • Access to live student webinars (brag sheet, resume, demonstrated interest and supplemental essay webinars). 
  • White label college planning and legal documents that will save hours of your time and thousands of dollars. 
  • A cloud-based college planning platform designed to organize and streamline your process, as well as support you in growing your business.    
  • White label financial aid support for your families. 
  • Access to professional Interviews and college admission talks – we do all the work, and your students think it’s all you!   

Simply said, we allow you to provide more services with less work, so you can focus on doing what you do best for more families!

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