Financial Aid Appeals

Do your families need to appeal their financial aid awards?

At 360 Planner, we can help your families appeal their awards. We are experts in the financial aid arena, and we know the ins and outs of the appeal process. This package includes appeals for up to 3 schools (must be from the same student).

Here are just a few reasons our previous clients have appealed their award letters:

  • Parents have had a change in marital status since the tax year they had to use on the FAFSA
  • Parent(s) have had a change in income since the tax year they had to use on the FAFSA
  • Original FAFSA was filed incorrectly, or mistakes were made on the form
  • Student received more aid at some schools, and hope to use those letters to gain more aid at the school they are most interested in (schools must be comparable to one another)
  • Parents/students have extensive medical bills in the tax year used to file the FAFSA – or expected medical bills do the a current/recent health challenge

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NOTE: Appeals are processed on a basis of NEED versus Greed. We only file appeals that are necessary and have a high chance of success. If you are unsure whether your families situation will warrant an appeal, please email us at support@360planner.com with a clear description of your circumstance and we will give you our honest opinion on whether or not an appeal may benefit you. Please note that we have a very high success rate with our appeals. However, there is no guarantee that any appeal will be successful. The more your families can show proof of their situation, the better chances of them winning the appeal.

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Financial Aid Testimonials

Joel (Parent)

“It appears that USC raised Elan’s financial aid by about $8K. Thank you so much for your persistence and help. You have been a god send.”

Ashley (Student)

“…Great, thank you so much for the help. You have made this whole process so much easier and relieved so much worry and stress!!”

Barry (Parent)

“This was a great investment. Our son was accepted by some of the best engineering schools in the country with financial aid packages that made it all feasible. We could not have done it without Kelly.”

Gina (Parent)

My family is a blended family. This year we have two children heading off to very different universities. Both hold above 4.0 GPAs and both have done a considerable amount of Advanced Placement work while in high school. Blended families come with many challenges and rewards and usually way too many parents making decisions for their children (and not always in agreement with each others’ decisions)….…The end result… Our son was even accepted at his reach school, NYU. All of the packages he received were decent. Because of the financial packages he received, Kelly was able to assist us with an appeal outlining issues that are not usually addressed in the mounds of required paperwork. As a result, our son received another $7900  and was able to attend his number one choice school.

Ann (Parent)

“Last week I was faced with a rather urgent problem regarding my daughter’s admission to Cal State San Marcos.  Her admission was rescinded due to a financial aid error I made while enrolling her. Anyway, Kelly was so quick to see the urgency of the situation and she was also very clear as to how she was going to get it resolved quickly.  She did wonders when it came to getting this situation handled!  She managed to keep me calm and reassure me that everything would be OK. She is a true gem!!! I don’t know what I would have done without her help!!!  Thank you for everything she did to help me with this!”

Stacie (Parent)

“I would be dead without Kelly. Kelly saved Anna’s hide by helping her with her financial aid and acceptance into UCSB. We could never have navigated that without her expert help. She spent over 2 hours with us on the phone/computer getting Anna’s financial aid straightened out. Thank you again for your expertise, wisdom, experience, patience, tolerance, and caring for these kids.”

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