Focus Software


Opportunity to work together as a team

Who is on Your Team?

Using our software creates an opportunity for everyone to work together as a team. College planners collaborate with students, students help manage expectations, and teams share ideas with other teams. In addition, you can have your students access our webinars, allowing them to get tasks done while you focus on bringing in more clients. 

360 Solutions

360 Planner has created a CRM for you, your team and your students. Each user has their own 360 experience custom tailored for their needs.

Key Elements

360’s Focus Solution comes packed with features including client management, university searches, easy and effective communication tools, access to live and recorded college  admission calls, career planning calls, and live, interactive webinars.


Communication 360 style is eary. We send email and SMS alerts whenever you communicate with your team or students. We also provide tools that will help you offer more services for your clients, without working more.


Keeping track of your team, your clients and your students needs can be overwhelming. That’s why we have created a workflow that works for everyone.

The 360 Focus Software

The 360 Software Solution was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. We understand that managing your team, client and student expectations begins with communication, which is why we’ve created an interface that listens to its users. Our task management, university search, event handlers and student portal are synced into a single, easy-to-follow workflow that allows everyone to collaborate even when you’ve set work aside for the day!

Features include:

  • Task management for IEC’s, students, College Lists and more
  • Student management tools
  • College Searches
  • Communication tools for individuals and groups
  • Reports that allow you to run your business effectively
  • Access to live and recorded webinars
    • Admission Talks
    • Professional interviews (career planning)
    • Financial Aid webinars for parents and students
    • Student webinars
  • File management for IEC files, along with individual student files
  • Full invoicing system: Includes recurring invoices, estimates that convert to invoices, link to pay directly through Pay Pal, reports and more

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