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Professional Services for College Planners

The 360 Planner experience was designed by college planners who were looking for a better way to organize their business, codify their process, and communicate effectively with their clients. Let us take care of your day-to-day busy work, so you can focus on what’s most important — your students. 

360 Planner Benefits

The Best Tools For the Busy College Planner

Streamline your process, communicate effectively with your students, and bring in more clients the 360 way!

Manage Your Business

The 360 Software Solution was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. We understand that managing your team, client and student expectations begin with communication and requires effective planning. At 360 Planner, College Planners work effectively with students, students help manage expectations, and team members collaborate and share ideas with one another.

Promote Your Business

Our software creates an opportunity for you to promote your business to the public, attracting new clients at the click of a button. Inform local schools and organizations about your services through your website and let students register and pay for your workshops/events with ease. In addition, we provide webinars for your students so they can learn more about specific colleges, gap year programs, careers and extracurricular programs that interest them. 

Streamline your Business

Let us do some of the work for you! Our white label student positioning webinars take care of some of the more general tasks for you, while you focus on the vital aspects of the process as the expert. We act as part of your team, so your students do not know the difference, and there is no additional cost to have them access our webinars!   

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