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  • Meeting notes have never been easier, always stored under your student profile, and parents are quickly copied on what you want them to know.
  • Our broadcast tool allows you to communicate with all your students in one or more grades, our alert will make sure they don’t miss anything!
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  • Hourly time tracker, invoicing tool, reporting and more!
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  • Free transfer of student data
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Financial Aid

Financial Positioning: (Includes Filing)

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  • Calculation of EFC (based on FAFSA and CSS Profile)
  • Financial aid guidelines with plans and strategies specific for each family (includes a parent meeting to review strategies and plan)
  • Filing FAFSA and CSS Profile for one year
  • Family meeting with Financial Aid Specialist to review award letters and discuss acceptances based on financials
  • Assistance with all IDOC forms
  • Assistance with verification forms and appeals (when applicable)
  • Parent participation in monthly financial aid webinars (October – June)